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Heilongjiang Jianlong 750 thousand tons seamless pipe project completed

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InSeptember22nd,HeilongjiangJianlongironandSteelCo.,Ltd.750thousandton/yearcontinuousrollingseamlesspipeprojectwascompletedinShuangyashan. ItisreportedthatHeilongjiangJianlongironandSteelCo.,Ltd.annua
In September 22nd, Heilongjiang Jianlong iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 750 thousand ton / year continuous rolling seamless pipe project was completed in Shuangyashan.
It is reported that Heilongjiang Jianlong iron and Steel Co., Ltd. annual output of 750 thousand tons of seamless steel tube project total investment of 2 billion 460 million yuan, started in August 2009. After the project is completed, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will be 8 billion 170 million yuan, the profit will be 330 million yuan, and the tax will be 300 million yuan. The project adopts seamless steel tube rolling mill

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