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80 million copies of business license

A3 safety registration certificate of air cooler


Shaanxi Haitong -- Xi'an Jiaotong University Graduate joint training base


High tech Enterprises


Permit to open an account


Qualified supplier of petrochemical industry


Little giant


General taxpayer


General taxpayer


Bank of China credit reference center

Shaanxi quality credit AAA brand enterprise


Member units


quality management system


quality management system


quality management system


Member units









企业文化 / CULTURE

企业理念:科教兴国 产业报国 健康强国
企业愿景:一步两个脚印 实现三大梦想
企业信念:资本控制世界 生命决定资本 “基因”主宰生命
企业使命:依托生物经济体系 打造生物能源旗舰企业